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I strongly oppose it, namely because "they" (our current right-wing nutjob ) have already proven it won't be carefully monitored...

It's already been shown by reports that our President chooses to only listen to the Intelligence reports that support his agenda, unlike the several month pre-warning the CIA had already given pre-911.. *shrug*

Once again this is a desperate act of a desperate government body who because they can't get support of their constituents, decide they need to undermine the very basis our government was founded on...

Yeah, I DO vote, I didn't vote for this president (either time), and I'm against terrorism as any normal guy.. but the fact is the government already has this power, it's just that at the moment they have to get 'permission' to do it.. which BTW doesn't even need to be filed for until "after the fact"...

The problem I have with this wiretapping is that it goes unregulated, unpoliced.. and is basically the Bush administration giving the middle finger to the people because he's too incompetent of a "leader" to garner even 40% popularity of the nation. Instead he needs new laws that give him almost a tyranical, monolistic "power of attorney" over the country becuase of his lack of the people's confidence...

Sure it's only 'certain' calls.. for now, but there's nothing in the law binding it to this.. if they want to listen to your private calls or what-not.. there's nothing written to stop it.. what's next? Every single day we're introduced to a new way to lose a little more freedom, and one of these days we're going to fall for it hook-line-and-sinker.. you better keep your eyes open guys & gals..

I mean Hell's Bells.. Clinton get's a blowjob and the Nation is in an uproar.. but then we have some idiot, warmonging, "gotta finish my daddy's work" Captain Clueless, basically making the world hate us, declaring war on the wrong f*cking country... and now is making more enemies across the board... doesn't anyone see something wrong with this?

Don't get me wrong, I love my Country, I hate the Bush administration and no, I seriously doubt Democrats have a better or sound plan either.. but right now we need to prevent some other nutjob like this to ever be in charge of the country again...

so I indeed agree with Samnmax221.. get off your ass and vote, get involved, write letters, make calls.. do a little more than just complain on a forum hehehe (yeah that includes me too)..

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