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Originally Posted by Darth Plagus
if the editor is only able to create ground/space combat maps, then why is there an option for custom maps when you are selecting the galactic conquest map to use....IF the only way to edit the galactic conquest maps is to change the XML files...this wouldnt be a custom map, it would just replace one of the existing is this "option" an error or could popcorn be wrong? IT just seems a little confusing to me :-/
I'm not sure how the coders set it up since I'm not on the patch team, but it's likely there so that you can make your own custom Galactic Conquest campaigns by creating a new Campaign XML file. Adding new planets to the Planets.XML file falls under the category of Mod not custom map, since it would require modifying two or more XML files. Not that you can't do that, it's just a little bit more work.

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