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When I was about sixteen, friends and I use to gather at the local donut shop and talk about the NSA (and other intellegance programs), they have been using a wire tapping technique for decades. NSA has been recording U.S. citizens for years. The only difference is that it is out in the open. There are several underground intellegance programs, which operate without the President's knowledge. It was policy in the easy days of the cold war to design these programs to monitor all phone calls, faxes, etc...

After September 11th, the NSA became to fore runner in fighting terrorists. What people don't know is that other departments in the government have designed nano-technology, which will allow them to ease drop without wire tapping. Even if the American public votes against the policy, the wire tapping policy will still go forward.

I am not sure if anyone realizes this, but the government tracks certain book purchases or rentals. If you take out certain books from the library, it is national security's policy to add you name to a list of susspected criminals or terrorists. They have also been doing this for years.

I do not want them listening into my phone calls, emails, or anything of the sorts. However, they have been doing this for decades, and nothing horrible has come from it. All they want to do is get the American public's oky, so it will not look like they have been illeagally doing it for years.

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