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How to take a Tech Support Screenshot

It always helps when you have a technical problem to take a screenshot of the situation, but you may find yourself asking, "How do I do it?"

Well follow these simple steps and you got yourself a useable screen!

1.) Get the screen to where the problem is. Easy enough

2.) Press the PrtScn key, known as Print Screen. Usually located here:

3.) Open your favorite imaging program, such as MSPaint. And go to Edit -> Paste.

4.) Now save the image and make sure to save it as a .JPEG or a .PNG

5.) Head on over to or and upload the image for free!

6.) Now use the forum code to get it on here (supplied by Tiny Pic or Imageshack). It should look like this:

HTML Code:
[img]*your image here*[/img]
There ya go! And dont forget it always helps to have a screenshot.

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