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Originally Posted by post #193
The noise made Jolee look up. The look on his face was priceless—open-mouthed surprise, a re-evaluation that yes, he was seeing what he thought he saw, and then a knowing smile that was half-grin and half-smirk. He snorted, “About damn time. Carry on!” He turned on his heel and walked back out of the room.
Yes, by all means, carry on!


Nicely done, Jae Onasi. A masterful job at creating another opportunity for Jae and Talin to connect, albeit an alarmingly dangerous one. It just makes it more exciting though. The long-awaited liplock has finally occurred and isn't it cool that Jae has a master who isn't stuck on the "no emotional attachments for Jedi" dogma. The Force is sometimes kind.

Originally Posted by JediMaster12
@ cutmeister: yes I am a female. Can't you tell I am a sucker for good romance?
Why yes, I can. I don't remember where exactly but it was some other thread where I remembered thinking that you must be a woman based off what you posted. But due to the nature of the forums one can never be sure...

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