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Map Editor Looks Great "A New Hope"

Hi, I been playing EAW on and off since lunach. I really only play single player, not much of an online player when it comes to rts.It's been fun. I do like rts, but not as much as other genes of games. So I like the game as much as I can.

The main thing I was looking forward to was the map editor, not as a designer, But as I user of peoples stuff. I always fool around with the editors just for fun, And I got say this one look great for mods! I was worry about it, that it would only allow map creation, 'Cause I haven't heard of lucasarts ever being this mod friendly! But I not sure if it is as mod friendly as I think, I have never made a mod.

But I think this is a new hope for me and many others for the future, aswell as the addon coming hopfully down the road soon. I want to thank Petro and Lucasarts for doing the right thing for the community! Also I hope that all you modders make great mods and maps for me to look forward too!
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