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“Talin, you take a beautiful woman into the most amazing gardens in the galaxy and nothing happens? What is wrong with you, boy? Are you waiting for Hoth to thaw or something?”

LOL LOL LOL!!!! I laughed so hard at that statement! The last 4 chapters have been great Jae. I am so glad that Jae and Talin have finally jumped in with both feet. The kiss was very well done.

On a different not, I have a theory about your plot. Dycena was traveling back in time about 40 to 50 years. I am going to go out on a limb and say that The Sith Lord in this story is actually Exar Kun himself. I am thinking Dycena started going back in time for his own interest, met up with Kun, Kun corrupted him, Dycena brought him back to this time and walla! Instant Sith Lord using an Old lightsaber form.

I know that you won't say wether this is the plot or not, as we will have to wait and see, but that is my "out there" theory for now. Keep up the great work Jae!

Some other really awesome Fanfics: Hidden shades of grey By JasraLantill, The Adventures of Jolee Bindo By Jae Onasi[/size]
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