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Originally Posted by matt--
So, because they possibly could be getting away with it if it hadn't come to light, we the people should let them get away with it?

You know, I could possibly get away with murder, but I wouldn't use that as a defense in court.
Actually, that is not the intention I was trying to make. What I was looking at is that they could go back to carrying out wire-tapping covertly. Regardless about how I or you may feel, they could completely ignore the American public's wishes. I personally don't condone their agenda, and I don't like how the NSA does buisness. However, at the end of the day, they could very well ignore what was made public, and go ahead with wire-tapping without our knowledge again.

Remember, I mentioned that they have been doing this for years. NRO, NSA, and CIA has been wire-tapping Americans without our knowledge.

Congress does this weird thing, which they can fund anything in the world by adding a clause hidden in a non related bill. For example: Lets just say I want funding for a top secret air craft, Steath Bomber, I would add clause into a civil defense bill that send 1.5 billion dollars in incraments to a hidden account. Get it...

Other words, the President can have people vote to see if they will allow the NSA to wire-tap. After the American public says 'No Way Man', the President can still make it happen. He could very well make a clause in a defense bill, that is not named Patriot Act, and slip in a small paragraph about leagalizing wire-tapping. Since the paragraph will be too small to take notice, the Senate will sign the new defense bill into action. After they sign the bill, wire-tapping will become legal. They do this all the time.

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