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"Stupid fool. You think I want to take you on? I'm glad I didn't connect with you for long the last time we met. You are horrible at judging character," Tyrannus replied. Tyrannus didn't make a move except stand there. He continued, "Besides Sith, Jedi, they are merely titles. I guess you are too stupid to realize that it was Dar that sent them. I have no desire to conquer. At least your sister knew that the last time and could tell that I was doing something that was as old as four thousand years."

Greea raised her head when she heard her brother's name. She wanted desperately to find him and bring him back to the light. She listened to see if Tyrannus would reveal more.

((Alkonium: I need skin color. Are we going Twilek coloring like green, blue, purple or human coloring? I think you might like what I have for Alkea.))

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