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Yes, I laughed at Jolee asking 'what are you waiting for?' And no, I won't give the plot away. Mainly because I'm not 100% sure of all the details myself yet.

The garden certainly would have been a more romantic setting, but I wouldn't have been able to have Jolee walk in on them and tell them to 'Carry on!' , then.

"Pimp Daddy outfit" Too funny! Yes, I'd love to see a sketch. He likes expensive, well tailored clothes that go well with his blue skin. If they happen to be bright, even better.

When I started writing this, Mik'oth wasn't even a thought. For ch. 6 I needed someone that Jolee could go to 'out of the regulation loop' for underworld info, and I had a vision of something along the lines of Quark from DS9, but a bit less cynical and a little more lighthearted, but definitely just as smarmy. Up popped Mik'oth, who has taken on a life completely of his own. All I have to do is follow him along and write down what he says to put it in the story....
I may write the Ukatis adventures when I finally finish this one (which is at 115 pages and 62,000 words--never thought I'd be able to write that much!). I'm betting that when Jolee and Mik'oth are actually teamed up together, they're going to make huge amounts of trouble (and laughs).

The 'put the hands together and tell them to stay that way' actually happened to Jimbo and me. Jimbo's mother, some of our friends, and we were eating dinner at a pizza joint one night when Jimbo and I were in college. Jimbo and I had been writing and calling each other for about 2 months (we lived about an hour apart at that point), and we were definitely 'in cute.' He wanted to introduce me to his mom (who told him later that night she thought I'd make a terrific daughter-in-law!), so she came over for the pizza dinner. Jimbo and I sat next to each other, and across from us sat his mom and our mutual friend Claudia. Claudia, a drama major who was one of my classmates at college, had heard me talk about Jimbo's letters, so she (and the rest of our friends) knew where this was going probably long before Jimbo and I did. About 4 other of our friends sat farther down the table, and all of us were talking and laughing and having a good time. His mom beamed at us, we beamed back at her, we beamed at each other with cutesy eyes, and finally Claudia just couldn't stand it anymore. She rolled her eyes, shook her head, and said "Oh, for God's sake!" She got up, came around the table, stood behind the two of us, grabbed my hand, grabbed his hand, held them up for everyone to see, made quite the show of putting the two together, and pointed at us and commanded, "Now stay that way!!" loud enough for the entire table to hear, if not the whole pizza joint. Then she walked back around to her seat and sat down with a very self-satisfied smirk at her success at making us actually touch. His mom laughed, Jimbo made cutesy side glances at me, and I blushed furiously and made cutesy little side glances back at him. And we held hands the rest of the night.
Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.

Edit--if you all could say a little prayer/have good thoughts--my dad had to go in for emergency surgery today for in intestinal obstruction. The surgery itself is usually relatively easy (compared to other surgeries, that is), but he has a bad heart, so general anesthesia's always dicey. He's in surgery now so I won't know anything for a while yet.

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