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Chapter 1: The Bombed Out Ruins ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------//
Republic Gunship – Mygeeto Mission Clock -00:15

TK – 1476 stared out the side opening of the Republic LAAT/I Gunship, carrying the elite soldiers of the 501st Legion. The snowy mountains blurred past as Hunter, TK – 1476, looked down at his boots. He saw some snow fall onto one of his boots. Hunter quickly brushed it off and resumed staring out at Mygeeto’s mountains. “Fifteen minutes ‘till touchdown,” informed one of the clone advisors.

Hunter forced himself to look away and check his gear. He stowed his DC – 15s sidearm blaster pistol in its hip holster and picked up his rifle which was leaning against the wall of the gunship. He strapped the belt onto his DC – 15 ion pulse blaster rifle and wrapped it around his neck for easy access. Next, Hunter pulled out an ammunition belt from his pack and attached some thermal detonators to it before he put that on too.

Hunter continued to prepare until every necessary piece of equipment was stored somewhere on his armor, secure and within reach. Some remote det – packs were attached to his leg plates and a fusion cutter was hanging from his side. Hunter brought his arm up and triggered the vibro blade hidden beneath his gauntlet. The blade flew out, and Hunter practiced wasting droids with it; plunging it in, and ripping it out at an angle to tear as much circuitry as possible. Lastly, he checked the seal on his helmet and checked his suits status. Hunter was ready for action.

He looked up just in time to see the mountain pass by and another LAAT/I Gunship came into view. Hunter could see the rest of his squad on that gunship. He was part of Iota Squad, Iota seven-six. He was the technician/engineer, techy, of the squad. He got to do the hacking and slicing, and what not. In addition to him, there was Max, Storm, and Flash.

Max, Iota five-eight, was the squad leader, Iota Lead as the advisors sometimes referred to him as. He was fierce and tactical minded, but he wasn’t afraid to have some fun once in awhile. Everyone in Iota squad loved to hear Max joke around because it gave them a feeling of security, knowing that their leader was confident that everything would be okay.

Storm, Iota nine-two, was the demolitions expert of Iota Squad. He was unusually strong and able to keep up with the rest of Iota Squad even carrying a portable missile launcher. It doesn’t matter how portable a missile launcher is, it’s going to be heavy. Storm isn’t much of a communicator, more of a killer, but he gets the job done and the rest of Iota Squad are glad to have him around. Not just because he has a rocket launcher capable of taking out AAT in a single blow.

Finally, Flash, Iota six-oh, is the sniper expert of the squad. He is very patient, friendly, and has very good sniping tactics and knowledge. Sniping is Flash’s hobby, and he is very good at it. That’s Iota Squad.

Hunter pretended to do their squad’s secret handshake, and the rest of his squad did it back. Next, he spotted the Commander of the 501st Legion of clone troopers, Commander Spike. Hunter quickly saluted and Commander Spike saluted back. “Two minutes ‘till touchdown,” the advisor informed again. The gunship began to dip even lower towards the ground to reduce detection. It would be easy to lose a gunship in the empty mountains of Mygeeto, though it doesn’t hurt to make it harder.

“Touchdown in one,” the advisor said. Hunter poked his head out. He could see the landing zone up ahead, as well as the outline target energy facility that lay in the distance. He pulled his head back in and quickly double-checked his equipment. Everything seemed good.

The gunship was just a few klicks away from the landing zone. Hunter switched his squad comlink on and said “Testing,” into his helmet.

“Roger that, seven-six,” Max replied. “We’ve got you here, right?”

“Roger, roger,” came Strom and Flash. “Squad – com is go.”

“You’re gunship will set down first. Meet us at rendezvous point Alpha, over,” Max told Hunter.

“Roger that, Iota Lead. I’ll see you planet side. Hunter, out.” Hunter quieted the squad comlink as the Republic LAAT/I Gunship began to set itself down.

Over the platoon comlink came Commander Spike. “Get to your places troopers, and stay out of sight. We don’t want the Sepratists to know we’re here before we get to mount an attack, do we? Gunship two will follow shortly, over.”

An AT – RT driver descended to the ground via grappling hook to guide the AT – RT, which was attached to the bottom of the gunship, to the ground before the gunship touched down. The driver got in and drove it to the side to make room for the gunship to land. The gunship pilot deftly guided it down without making a sound.

“Good luck!” called the clone advisor. Hunter waved to him before taking his first step on the cold firm ground of Mygeeto. He stepped to the side and pulled out his holo map of the battlefield. RV Alpha was approximately two klicks to the port of the gunship. He’d meet up with his squad mates there.

Hunter stowed the holo map and continued towards RV Alpha. He switched on all comlinks. As he ran, Hunter heard the first half of the platoon take their places. “Gunship two, coming in for landing,” said the second gunship pilot as they unloaded the AT – RT from the belly of the LAAT/I.

When Hunter was finally in position, he checked his gear once again. Everything was there. He pulled out a set of electobinoculars and watched as the second gunship took flight. Clone soldiers scattered to their positions. Hunter could see Max, Flash, and Storm heading his way in a quick jog.

“How was the trip?” Hunter asked as the rest of Iota Squad reached their designated position.

“Quite nice, actually,” replied Max.

“Quite,” said Storm, in his casual tone. “Could have gone without Flash’s life story though.” Even though everyone’s helmets were on, they could tell that Storm was smiling.

“Really? I thought that it was your life story, Storm. Of course they’re all the same,” stated Max.

“Guys, this is war. We’re not supposed to make jokes,” Hunter said. They all laughed, and then got serious.

“Let the battle begin,” ordered Commander Spike. Hunter looked forwards at the bombed out ruins he was about to enter.

“Iota squad, form up.”

“Forming up.”

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