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I'm an owner of both the xbox version and the PC version of JA. I play the XB version more often because I'm not very good with the controls on the PC (all my PC games are either driving for flying) but I'm a staff user and I'm no noob (atleast on the Xbox version), I use the staff with skill and most of my attacks arent random but rather specific slices. Even though this might have been previously said, for all those people who say the staff takes no skill whatsoever you can shut up because if the staff takes no skill you should be able to weild it efficiently even if youve never touched it before and be able to break through everybodys defences no problem with a few precise yet simple slices then score a super major ultra power criticial on them and kill them in the blink of an eye because it takes no skill at all, am I right? **sarcasm**. (Even though I know this has already been debated some, I think) Besides duals can leave your legs extremely open for a few quick deadly horizontals, and atleast in the Xbox version, people turn on high sensitivity so they can do extremely fast and deadly spin strong moves that cannot be blocked and etc. Besides strong has awesome defence etc. Even though I'm probably restating what's already been said I just wanted to get it out of my system.

EDIT:You know what, I just realized something. Whenever somebody compares single to staff or duals, they compare only strong style. When Raven made the 3 styles of combat for single, they ment for all the styles to be used in unison, not only strong, eventually all anybody ever used was strong so nobody was ever good at fighting with fast or medium. I mean you could go up to somebody, send a blow with strong to their saber and send it flying backwards, then quickly switch to fast or medium and get a few quick easy deadly hits. Thats using them in unison. Or the usual aproach people take is they hit somebody with strong which usually is blocked but crushes your guard, and then by the time the strong user finally gets his person to attack again, the other person has his guard back and ready, and might be about to retaliate and counter attack. I know people extremely skilled with single can easily work around this but thats not my point.

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