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Of course it's you passing judgement, don't be silly. And what is this nonsense "that's just how it works"? What is that supposed to mean? The only reason that this is "how it works", is because your government has just recently decided that it is how it's going to work. And the merit of their decision is the subject of this debate. Do you really believe the US government's actions in this matter were inevitable? Do you really believe that those actions are beyond morality?
Look at what you're making a big deal of. Sleep depravation, maybe bathroom denial. That's not very pretty, but it's far from inhumane. I want to get one point through the skulls of you lot: We are *NOT* putting these people on the rack! We are *NOT* cutting them with sharp knives! We are *NOT* shocking them! Until you can find indisputable proof the contrary (and you won't), I refuse to believe what we're putting them through is torture.

Okay, so I come to America and steal your slice of apple pie... That means I can be imprisoned without trial, does it? Please get off your constitutional horse. There is law and moral obligation above and beyond that which is guaranteed by your US citizenship. And, these are men that have allegedly commited "crimes" OUTSIDE U.S. JURISDICTION. Or is the whole planet merely the fifty-first state?
Sir, if we get off our "Constitutional horses", then we miss the entire point of this. Isn't this whole thing about, basically, what rights POW's have? Such things are granted by the Constitution and it's amendments over here, last time I checked. POW's are exempt from this. So are illegal aliens. Sorry if that sounds ugly, but it's true. Denying this is stupid at best.

Oh, and yes, if you illegally immigrated and commited petty theft, you'd likely just get deported for illegal immigration. If you legally immigrated, well, I'm too lazy ATM to look up the penalty for petty theft, but it's small -- not that you care. After all, punishing you is inhumane.

You assert that they were enemy combatants. Then they should be treated like prisoners of war.
They are. Enemy combatents are interrogated, and sometimes it takes more that the politically correct "ask really really nicely" to get information.

Most of them weren't even captured by US forces, by all accounts. And you have no evidence to support your assertion that these men were "captured while trying to kill US soldiers."
Can you prove they weren't? Can you prove that they weren't masterminding attacks, or planning them, instead of the narrow "attacking at the time" view? I thought not.

The killing of unarmed prisoners
The B.S. meter is at a 95/100 level, at this point...

Oh, of course. You'd rather believe your government's illogical propaganda than the considered opinion of independent legal experts who are interviewed and quoted in the media. My bad.
You are misguided, sir.

1) Propaganda is not illegal. Show me a law that says, in summary, "thou shalt not propagandize" and I'll recant my view on this point.

2) Of course you believe "your" media is flawless, unbiased, always right. But you must realize that correctness in political matters is based soley on opinion and has no weight in any debate worth its salt.

I am having internet difficulties, and cannot finish the reply. However, I will summarize by saying that your incorrect views are understandable, if only by ignorance.

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