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Originally Posted by Crezzer Fett
Does anyone else find it that Norton Anti Viris software causes great slowdown problems with PC games?? When playing a game such as Half Life 2 with the NAV on the game gets quite juddery, but when off it runs 100%. Causes me alot of pain expessially when playing online games such as Counter Strike Source, as i do feel guilty when i turn the application off (due to internet threats).
Norton Anti Virus software is the best in the buisness. Norton is also a resource hog. 90% of the time, I keep the application sitting in my task manager, but turned in the off position. I call it standby. Every once and a while, I manually udate the virus definitions, and then I run a full system scan. However, I usually have the 'Auto Protection' off, so it doesn't chew up my resources when I am online.

I woud not remove the application, for it is a descent tool to utilize. However, I would shut off the 'Auto Protect', and only use it to occasionally do system scans. Belive it or not, Norton sends out a signal to get Live Updates automatically. Even if it is shut off.

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