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If they get to spy on us, we the people should get to listen in on government officials' calls.

No? Well then nix it. The "what do you have to hide" people forget the dirty nature of politics. It's called "blackmail" one of the most powerful weapons of coercian used time and again to silence opposition. Privacy and freedom over "security" and spying. I mean really, isn't the point to be watching EVERYONE constantly just in case they might think about committing a crime, in order to catch the 1 in however umpteen million people that might be a potential terrorist?

I pretty much agree with ChAiNz.2da. I don't have a huge hatred of the Bush administration, but I definately think they've set some bad precedents, made some horrible decisions, and I don't think our current president has been a good one for the most part (I voted against him twice, and never for the democrats whose candidates were pathetic or business as usual, just FYI I'm an independant).

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