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Rose felt strange and had no clue what just happened. The last thing she remembered was she being mad at Rioko. She still was. So,she began looking around, trying to see where everyone was. She saw down the path in the woods, Rioko and Joe, sitting. She saw in front of them was Yunnie, blood running out.

Rose: W-What happened???
Joe was sobbing, angerly and she heard him say somthing. Rioko butted in.
Rioko: Rose, she's... she's dead.

Rose began feeling tears forming, and soon, she was sobbing.

Rose kept sobbing and starring at Yunnie. She had only felt this way once in her life: When she lost her sister to Lobato

Rose: First my sister, and now THIS?!?!
She starred at the ground untill she took out her knife. Then, she sat up.She began walking as Rioko read her mind: She would find Lobato and kill him.

Rioko: Rose, you can't. He began getting up and she switched to levitation.
Soon, she was out of sight.

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