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Originally Posted by darth james
You need to use the Player_X_Spawn_Point_Marker and the Player_X_Position_Marker once per side (you need at least 4 total per side) and make each one Empire or Rebel(This would mean you need a tolal of 32 markers in a 8 player game!). If you only put Player_0_Spawn_Point_Marker and Player_0_Position_Marker for the Rebels with Player_1_Spawn_Point_Marker and Player_1_Position_Marker for the Empire, then player 1 must be rebel and player 2 must be empire.

Darth James,

Do I have to use Marker and Spawn 0 for Empire, than 1 for Rebel, 2 for Empire, 3 for Rebel and so on, or can I do 0,1,2,3 for Empire and 4,5,6,7 for Rebel?

Thanks for your help.
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