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Originally Posted by TheMonsterOfTheIsland used to be a treasure trove of KOTOR news, mods, and other info. Now it seems to me to have evolved into nothing more then a repository for crappy fan fiction.

Don't worry, I will not start flaming about fan fiction (although it does suck hard).

Here's the problem: what about the game? I haven't heard modding news in weeks, and I'm getting scared. Some big projects were on the horizon, yet all I see, day after day, is "The critic returns..."

Can I please get back the starwarsknights of old? Please?
KotOR II has gone beyond its peak. Even though I am still making mods, I am not making anything that is revolutionary. For the past several months, people have been moving onto other games. I am turning my mod into fan-fiction, and I am really enjoying the ride.

After the stuff I have in production is over, I will be turning in my KotOR II modding license until a possible KotOR III.

I can feel people slip away, so I try to advertise new mods in moderation. What is intresting is that I am creating an anthology.

Therefore, not all of us are done with KotOR 2, but I am getting close to my own end of modding the series.

I would sit back, relax, and just enjoy the mods that do come out. Like all things good, they must at some point come to an end.

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