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Think about this one... If you were to measure the entire United States, from left to right and top to bottom, we live on only two percent. Theoretically, the government is probally using a small percentage for military development and research. We have nuclear sheltters embeded into mountain ranges, which are hidden throughout the middle of the United States.

Oky, what does this have to do with the subject? Well, the money that goes to fund these bases comes from somewhere. Mount Weather was an expensive endevour, which the givernment hides millions in other bills. When it comes to wiretapping, the government will also hide the funding to execute a wiretapping program.

This goes beyond George Bush. George didn't create this wiretapping idea. The NSA and CIA haa been doing this for years. If George doesn't deal with the issue, another President will create a leagal wiretapping program, but call it something else.

I for one don't like the idea, and I will vote against it. However, there is really not much I can do about it becoming leagal behind the scenes.

Think about this one... If Mayor Juliane (sp?) becomes President of the United States, no one will question his initiative to make wire tapping leagal. Why? He has created hiself into a Republican hero. When September 11th occured, his actions create him into a 'Lets Kick Some But" persona. People will believe and do anything this man says. Wire tapping could endup being elected by the United States People in the near future. All it takes is the right person to have the right agenda, and then it all becomes reality. George Bush is not a good communicator, but someone like Julianie (ap?) has the influence that will be needed to pass a wiretapping program. However, the question remains, does he agree with a wire tapping program? Who knows?

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