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Originally Posted by TheMonsterOfTheIsland
Here's the problem: what about the game?
Simply put KotOR fans in general are losing interest. There is only so much you can do. TSL for PC came out over a year ago and the game has been thoroughly hashed, rehashed, modded, and modded again. So KotOR game series players have nothing new to look forward to and with nothing but silence coming from LEC about a future KotOR people have moved on to other things that have caught their interest. It's the nature of the beast.
Originally Posted by TheMonsterOfTheIsland
I haven't heard modding news in weeks, and I'm getting scared. Some big projects were on the horizon, yet all I see, day after day, is "The critic returns..."
Modders have lost interest too. Not much happening there that I can see. And as far as the TSLRP and M4-78 go who knows if the people working on those two heavy-duty mods will finish them? Seems to me that they've got a lot of work left to do and the general interest is waning. Simply put, there isn't much going on in the TSL modding world anymore so there isn't much to report.

Originally Posted by TheMonsterOfTheIsland
Can I please get back the starwarsknights of old? Please?
IMHO it never left. I'm sure as soon as any significant KotOR-related news surfaces the staff will get it posted. Until then though there isn't much else to report on. Don't forget the staff have other gaming interests besides the KotOR series. In fact it seems like many of them are into the TES IV: Oblivion RPG that got released a while back.

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