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here's my thoughts on the "issue":
  • 1. first and foremost, a lot of gaming forums thrive either on new releases or users that keep things going because they are interested in having a community. given that the last major game release that relates to this forum is now over a year ago, this forum is largely driven by users that are involved in the community that has since 'sprung forth' (for a lack of a better term).
    2. there has been nothing in terms of news or any other kind of official information reguarding either Kotor 2 or a sequel (the alleged "Kotor 3"). all we get is a couple of hints and rumors, and none of them are truely newsworthy.
    3. i've personally lost interest in modding either Kotor I or II a long time ago. and now that the game has been out for over a year, a lot of other people are losing interest in modding either game. combine that with the fact that we are fairly limited as to the scope of the mods we can produce, and now you have your lack of mods.
    4. and lastly, i can understand your criticism of nothing but info on the fanfiction coming from the forum. but quite frankly, it is one of the few things that are coming out of the community as a whole which, as previously mentioned, is heavily stifled by a lack of official information.
    5. and finally, if you don't like what's happening here, then go somewhere else. find a new interest of some kind, because, quite frankly, there ain't a lot we can do about it.

and for good measure, i'm also moving this thread to the proper forum.

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