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I used the ports mentioned in the first post to set up my server behind a netgear router with my PS2 also behing it on another LAN port. Billservo, I didn't have to use the portforward to show up on the gamespy listing, it was already working,however it did change my listing from ping "9998" to a real ping. Sounds like you may have another issue besides forwarding the ports. (maybe the SPI firewall or windows firewall is blocking you?)
Does anyone know a listing of all the ports this server program uses, I'm having a problem with headset audio and I'm analyzing it with OnlineEye as it runs, but I can't figure out whether it's just going on 3658-9 or something else entirely.
In particular, do the ps2 and pc server use any of the same ports, cause I am trying to portforward to them both without a conflict.
One thing I did notice with OnlineEye: The server doesn't seem to use TCP at all, only UDP. That is, I monitored the traffic through several rounds, and all I saw was UDP.
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