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ports for ps2 pc-room host

I've been running the pc-dedicated battlefront 1 server for ps2 for a while and recently connected both PC and PS2 to a Netgear router. I was able to host my own rooms but performance was less than optimal and the listed ping was "9998". (This is common on Gamespy's PS2 list). So I forwarded the ports mentioned in this forum and things got better - mostly.
What I'm wondering is, the PS2 battlefront manual recommends forwarding port 27900 to the PS2, and the server lists that same port to forward to the PC for the server. Can it be forwarded to both? Will this create a conflict? Or will the router know when to send data on that port to the pc's address, and when to send it to the ps2 address? Can I just send each port 27900 data packet to both pc and ps2, and count on both machines to discard what they don't need?
I've been having some mike problems since installing the router - my headset is usually a deadset. So I know something ain't quite right.
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