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Malak eating through a tube, eh? While the description definitely fits I found the way you described his manner of eating kind of grossed me out, akin to talking with a mouth full of food. Probably what you intended though.
Originally Posted by post #137
“So glad you approve, Admiral.” Malak turned back toward the building floor. “Now leave me to my lunch in peace.”
While I sensed the sarcasm when Malak noted the admiral's approval I can't picture Malak using the phrase "in peace" in this manner. Seems too polite to me.

Excellent use of the Rakatan prison box! Taking something that was an abstract and non-required part of the game and turning it into something of more significance was quite brilliant. Sounds like this Brashieel will make better use of The One's body than The One ever did. I guess 25,000+ years could help one get a better perspective on life but the time could also make one go bonkers. Hopefully Brashieel is indeed the former instead of the latter.

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