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Wow.... Kargath is the only person I recongnize in this topic... it's been too long...

Anyway, if we are getting on the topic of vehicles of the different opposing sides, i'd have to say that the Republic's vehicles are far superior. Droid Starfighters are have little armor, not very many weapons, and as far as I know they have no shields. Basically they're mainly like cannon fodder... such as TIE fighters are in the OT. Face it, preprogrammed flight paths can't combat the sheer force of ships piloted by multiple clones, they just can make better strategical choices... (Stealth anyone? Crappy movie...) proving to be a more formidible force. This was even more confirmed in the battle between Thrawn and the Trade Federation in Outbound Flight.

Land assault? Same thing... massive amounts of hail-fire droids and other vehicles arn't a match for clone-piloted vehicles.

EDIT: Oh, I see Prime too... guess that's two people I know...

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