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Rose gave up on Lobato. She went back to camp that night and looked around the girl's cabin. Chloe's stuff was gone. Rose sighed. She jotted down a note saying, Rioko, Joe, and Ness: Gone on a walk in the woods. Be back soon. - Rose.

On her way out, she saw Rioko and Chloe/ Takil getting ready to fight. She didn't really care since she was still mad at Rioko. She kept walking until she felt a strange liquid run down her back: blood. She looked back and saw Chloe's face turn into a demon- like face. She freaked out and saw her smirk.

Takil: You're still alive?
Rose: Huh? What are you talking about?
Takil: Well, I'll just have fix that.

Takil sprinted over to rose, trying to kill her.

Rose felt more blood drip down her back and fell over. Takil tryed to get her again, as Rose rolled out of the way.

Rose now didn't care if she died or not. She saw here friend, on the ground, dead. Another friend left and now was a demon. Her sister was dead. The boy she liked didn't care if she lived or died. To tell the truth, her life sucked. She sucked. Saddly, Rose waited as Takil tryed to kill her again. She shut her eyes.

(No, she is NOT dead)

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