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Cool Guy CHAPTER 4

Yes, its been a while since a posted the last chapter, but here is the next one, hope you enjoy


“Hello Jolee” said a voice

“Now, that’s a voice I haven’t heard in quite some time,” said Jolee very sternly

“Yes, the last time I recall, was when you were standing over my brothers corpse when he had not done anything to you” said a voice of pure hatred

“Listen Taz” said Jolee turning to face the intruder “ I wouldn’t call attempted murder nothing”

“No, you listen old man” Said Taz Rayg “ you killed my brother for turning down a path which was different to yours”

“Because he was a Dark Jedi Taz, you know this”
Smiling, Taz replied “Yes, I know, now im following in my brothers footsteps” Pulling out a lightsaber and igniting the magnificently bright reddish blade Taz said “Now prepare to die old man, this should have happened a long time ago.

* * *
For a guy with that much age on his shoulders, Jolee Bindo still could put up a fight.
Lighting his Greenish lightsaber, Jolee Dodged, twirled and ducked … with all the age, he still had all the strength and agility of a younger Jedi. Fuelling through the Force, gaining more cognition of Taz’s incoming attacks, Jolee blocked all of Taz’s attempts at the dismemberment what he was trying to inflict on him. Taz twirled and with him, is lightsaber came, heading straight for Jolee’s gut. Jolee blocked, brought his lightsaber back up and went to strike down at the shoulder of his enemy, but was also blocked, and he was forced back hard, getting brought off his feet and slamming into the wall. Getting up, igniting his green lightsaber, he prepared for battle once more. Using the Force to fly a chair to fly up at Taz’s face, Jolee ran forward. Taz destroyed the chair and bringing his hand up he pointed it at Jolee, Taz released an onslaught of Lightning at Jolee. He brought his lightsaber up and blocked the Lighting, fusing it with his lightsaber. Struggling Jolee stepped forward, towards Taz. The Force lightning was stopped and a lightsaber was brought down, and it caught Jolee on the shoulder. The smell of burnt flesh filled the air and Jolee grunted and gasped in pain. He stumbled backwards.
Taz ran towards Jolee, lightsaber held high. But with an almost lazy like flick of the wrist, Taz was engulfed in a stasis field, paralysing him in all ways except sight and hearing.

“So young” said Jolee, shaking his head, gasping for breath “Your brother made the same mistake, never attack an opponent while in a state of anger, now you will listen to me whether you want to or not”
Jolee took a seat in front of Taz, and looked upon him with an intent gaze.

“Your master is dead” he began “ and still you strive to fight for the code in which you somehow still believe in … a code in which you swore your life to abide”

Jolee got up, walked over to Taz and grabbed the lightsaber from within his hands and quickly walked outside … a few seconds past and Jolee walked back into his hut. But this time he was carrying a large rock.
He placed the lightsaber down on the table, and with a last look at Taz, Jolee said, “It’s the wrong path” and forced the rock down onto the lightsaber as hard as he could, and he could feel the shatter of the lightsaber underneath.

He lifted the rock and gazed down at the once was weapon. Jolee returned his gaze to Taz, “Now you have no weapon and in a situation where you can not possibly prevail” he made another wave of his hand, releasing Taz of the stasis field, making him land on the floor on his hands and knees.

“What do you want from me?” he said, without looking up at Jolee“

“All I want is to you to see, that it is folly to try and make the once was sith live on. They are destroyed, removed from the face of this galaxy … come back to the light Taz, don’t follow where your brother once lead” Jolee pleaded

Slowly, gathering his breaths, Taz stood and regained his feet. He bowed his head and softly said:

“There is no emotion –“ Taz began

“There is peace ... ” Jolee finished

Looking up, Taz spoke “Jolee, you have wakened me back to the path which is right, my brother was selfish, only searching for more and more power was his downfall, I see that now, and for that, i thankyou."

“It’s alright Taz” said Jolee “I’m glad you see it that way, just do me one favour”

“What is that?” asked Taz

“Just don’t try to kill me ever again please, ive only got a few good years left in me” said Jolee

“Don’t worry,” said Taz laughing, “ I think im going to discover the true nature of the galaxy, let me think, and sort some things out, try and find out what it is I am meant to do”
Taz Headed to the door, with once last look at Jolee he said “Thanks again old man” and walked out the door

“Hmmph” said Jolee

* * *

“I told you Carth,” said in irritated Bastila “It was right after Juhani left when I got T3’s message”

“And Revan knows I am a Admiral” asked Carth confused

“Yes! But I don’t know how he does” said Bastila

“Hmm … ok then” said Carth, and suddenly he folded his arms and a serious expression relieved the confused look what Carth’s face just had. “What about you, are you alright?” he asked

“ Im fine” said Bastila, avoiding Carth’s gaze

“Don’t lie to me Bastila, tell me the truth” his eyes burning into hers.

“OK, ive been better alright” she folded her arms and walked out towards the window and looked out upon Citadel Station.
Even as a person who could not wield the Force, Carth certainly had good persuasive techniques.

“I’m … I’m just scared for him, wondering where he is now, if he’s still … “ Bastila’s voice trailed off

“Of course he is Bas,” said Carth, embracing her in a consoling hug” he will come back”

“Ive just got this feeling that its not going to work out the way we want it to”

“Through the force?” asked Carth

“Call it instinct,” said Bastila

“Don’t even think about that Bas … look at me” he lifted her head up so their eyes met “ he will come back, I promise you”

Bastila wanted to believe Carth, but no matter what he said, that doubt just kept on entering Bastilla’s mind.
They pulled away from each and Bastila wiped the tears, which were forming in her eyes away.

“So” said Bastila, determined to drive the conversation away from Revan “ any news of the Ebon Hawk and the Exile?”

“The last time I heard, they were spotted out on the outer rim, heading to Korriban by the sounds of it”

“Korriban?” said Bastila bewildered “why would they be going there?”

“Im not sure, and im getting quite concerned about out Exile friend.”

“Why is that?” asked Bastila

“I’m fearing he might be going to the Dark Side, his brutality against other people is mounting, and his power is growing immensely,” said Carth

“Well let’s just hope they don’t stay on Korriban for too long, that’s the least place we want him to be if that’s the case”

“Hmm … “ Said Carth, straying into a deep thought.

i know its a bit short but hey ,,, its not the size of it, its how descriptive it is

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