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Originally Posted by Foshjedi2004
Was the Sith Witch Meant to be Leia

Then that changed to create Teneniel Djo
*c'mon Fosh. Unless you can show a valid source indicating otherwise, many interviews with GL(including the ones on the DVD special features discs) indicate Leia as always being the female heroine character in his story...not to mention one of the jedi twins
*Teneniel Djo is EU....I said "dont think books" !!

*Darth Maul was derived from concept art drawing of sith witches
*The sith witch drawing inspired female sith adept Asajj Ventress from the Clone Wars microseries/comics

heres a pic from

* * *

New Question:

Q. Name at least 3 persons who played the suited Vader ? (stuntmen not included)


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