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Originally Posted by cutmeister
I like the inclusion of information about what Revan had discovered during the Mandalorian Wars and her intention to prepare for this new enemy by conquering the galaxy so she could unite it and prepare for this mysterious threat. I submit though that the Rakatan central computer system didn't have enough data to accurately predict results of the threat.

If the Star Forge is not destroyed, in fifteen years this new enemy will face and defeat the current Sith and conquer the galaxy, eventually discovering the Star Forge and using it to increase their destructive capability and continuing the cycle started by the Rakata.

If the Star Forge is destroyed however, when this new enemy invades in fifteen years the Republic will be able to defeat them.

This doesn't make much sense to me.
The extrapolation assumes that the Sith war would end within the period in question. The Republic would be prewarned, and instead of doing what any liberal democracy does when that occurs; I.E. stick it's head back in the sand, they would have an arms race. That was the view I took. In fact I think that is why I now have to get a copy of KOTOR II, because I think that is why Danika wanders off for five years or so. Maybe she tried to convince them and they just didn't want to believe her.

Originally Posted by cutmeister
Other than that I thought this was a great chapter. Danika prepped the Rakatan central computer system so the Star Forge could never be recreated, a wise move. And although you write your story to match the game's in having Juhani and Jolee accompany Danika into the temple, I didn't see the compelling need for this unless it was to have them present so that Bastila could attack them thus prompting Danika into a desire to protect Juhani and Jolee. I suppose this could have been a factor that helped Danika resist Bastila's invitation to join her and return to the dark side.
I had them with her because they had entered with her. As for Danika's reaction, she knows what she has done. How many deaths she has caused by switiching sides, and the present crew, Mission Juhani etc mean too much to her to be willing to change again.

You see, when you get to the battle in the command center, you will see what I mean.

Before you ask, there is one posting before that

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