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Originally Posted by cutmeister
I like the scenes you added at the Star Forge docking bay. Although the game doesn't address this I'm glad you do. I can't see the rest of the crew just hanging back, sitting in their jump seats on the Ebon Hawk, twiddling their thumbs while they wait for Danika, Juhani, and Jolee to get back. Your version of events works much better.
Thanks. I was thinking of how many people would have been on the station, and figured the rest had to have been doing something during the battle. All I did was turn it into a deperate holding action while using everyone at what they are best at. That is why Mission (The least trained as a warrior) is busy passing the ammo, and T3 is doing what an Astromech can do to assist.

[QUOTE=cutmeister}But now that Sasha has left I hope the remaining crew members and Jedi can hold their own[/QUOTE]

As for Sasha... She has a very important duty to perform.

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