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At first I was going to have them take the forward command post in this chapter, but I got carried away and decided to end the chapter here. I was planning on having Hunter get shot in the shoulder, but having Storm almost getting pinned with a mortar just kind of came out of nowhere. I think that it adds some interest to the story. Two members of Iota Squad are injured, and Hunter is feeling guilty about missing the droid and giving away their position, leading to Storm's injury.

Don't worry, Pottsie, there will be a battle in the next chapter. Unless I get carried away again, maybe taking out the turrets or something. The next chapter will be capturing the command post, and the one after that will be having Ki-Adi-Mundi and the rest of the 501st (which I'm making pretty small) arrive. Once the shield barricades go down, the AATs will arrive and the real battle will begin. This won't be for a while though.

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