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Bespin Undercity [3 Secrets] {bespin_undercity}
>>Current Force Powers: SPEED 2, JUMP 2, MIND TRICK 1
>>Force Upgrade: PUSH up to level 2, PULL up to level 2, HEAL now available
at level 1.
>>Objectives: Infiltrate Bespin City through the lower levels.
Find Lando's R5 unit near Carbonite Chamber #17.

A cute thing with level 2 PULL... sometimes you'll end up disarming the
Bad Guy - and they'll surrender. Go ahead and kill them, though... the only good
Stormtrooper (or any other Remnant) is a dead one - and if you let them live,
they might run off and find another weapon to use on you. Just as interesting -
if immediately after you PULL them you aim downwards slightly, they'll be Pulled
directly into your Lightsaber and chopped to bits.
One other odd thing about PULL... depending on what type of critter you
disarm, they might not find another weapon, no matter how many are laying
around. A Weequay, for instance, will *only* use a Bowcaster, so if you disarm
him and there are no Bowcasters around, he'll be helpless.
HEAL is good... you won't use any of your precious Bacta. However, at
this level you *must* be standing still to use HEAL... you can't be moving, you
can't even be swinging your Lightsaber.

Circle around the platform to find grates in the wall... slash through
one (watch out for the air blast) and in - be careful, though... if the piston
is up you'll fall through and die. Try not to be on the edges of the piston as
it goes up... you can get caught by a protrusion and die (death is easy in
Bespin). As you go around the room up here, you'll see an opening high up in
the wall - that's Secret 1.
[Secret 1] - JUMP up into this area from the piston.
Through the door (it won't open unless that air piston you just came up
is at the top) and take the stairs to the left - around to the left (not through
the door) and up the lift for baddies and items, and one of the famous Bespin
Cloud Cars. It isn't necessary to go up here, but it is fun... and if you jump
up on top of the Cloud Car, you can get to the ledge above, which usually has
healing and shield items, and sometimes even Ammo.
Back down the lift and in that door - kill everyone in here *except* the
Ugnaught at the control panel... you need him. You'll also notice a doorway in
here with flames going across it - obviously, you don't go through this yet.
There's a lift in here going up to another Cloud Car bay if you feel like it
(again, various items on the ledges above the Cloud Car).
You can either use the panel that the Ugnaught is working on (and then
run like hell), or you can play some games... get near the flame door, turn and
face the Ugnaught behind the glass - when you hear the flames die, use MIND
TRICK on him (it?), and that 'flame door' will open. SPEED through, slash the
lock and through. Rest up before heading up this next lift.
This area is fun... it looks like you could make your way around the
perimeter of this room and jump up on that elevator thing on the other side, but
you can't... those red-hot pipes will kill you. Wait until the 'elevator' has
dropped and the red force field is active across the chasm - SPEED across and
jump up on the elevator before it starts to rise again. I've also found that -
for whatever reason - doing a JUMP forward while you're SPEEDing across it
actually helps.
Note: you can actually get across those pipes while they're not glowing,
but it's not really worth the risk - though there are the occasional items in
the arch supports.
Continue this back-and-forth bit until you get to the very top (watch
out for snipers along the way). Once up there, do the force field bit again and
SPEED across to the left side, and in the door. Secret 2 is this lift.
[Secret 2] - hit the switch for the lift, but don't get on it... drop
down the hole revealed. (Talk about an oldie... a Secret Area in an elevator
Ammo Regenerator at the top of this lift. This next room has grates
around the walls... slice through the one on the left and ride the column of air
up. This area should look familiar (when you get to the top)... can you say Luke
vs. Vader in "The Empire Strikes Back"? This room can be a riot... though you
can easily fall to your death, and at the top you'll run into... well, you'll
At the front of the platform, facing out into the tube, turn to your
right and look up - you'll see the next small square platform up there. When the
next blast of air comes up the tube, jump into it and ride it up to that next
platform. After a couple of these, you'll end up at a point with a long platform
above you, with oval thingies at either end (just like where Luke fell from in
"The Empire Strikes Back") - with the next air blast, don't try to get to the
platform directly above you, because you can't. Instead, jump straight out
across the tube and up to that platform on the other side. Before you make this
final air-assisted jump, though, rest, heal up, and regain your mana... because
next is your first Reborn.
"I sense a disturbance in the Force, but there's something strange about
it." Note that this is exactly the same thing that Kyle says in the Demo when he
meets his first Reborn...
This is your first Reborn (this one Orange, or Red on the higher
difficulty levels)... and this one is quite weak. You may want to save before
making your jump up to this platform... so you can do the fight again and
again to get used to dueling with the Lightsaber. Note that Reborn are generally
immune to PUSH, PULL and MIND TRICK - at least at the levels you have now. In
later levels when you're up to full strength (and have new powers such as
LIGHTNING) you can try the Force again.
Watch out for "saberlock" - that's when your blades come together and
they try to force yours down, leaving you defenseless. Hit your attack (primary
fire) key rapidly and repeatedly, and at the same time PUSH out of the
One good way I've found to kill individual Reborn... run towards them
(before they turn their Lightsaber on), JUMP at them and hit them with PUSH - a
lot of the time you'll knock them down and can easily kill them while they're on
the ground.
Really funny... if you stay on this platform after you've killed the
Reborn, the other Bad Guys will come to you, riding the air blasts just like you
did... do whatever you want to them, including PUSH while they're in mid-air.
Jump over to the other platform (the rising hot air plumes you see will
easily lift you over the gap) and through the door... down the corridor and into
the Carbonite Chamber, where your next Reborn (this one Blue... "You are a
coward."; on the higher levels he's the Red & Dark Gray Reborn 'Boss') waits.
This one is a bit more difficult, and he likes to JUMP around a bit.
Under one of the sets of stairs in this area is your next Secret. (To
your left with your back to the lift)
[Secret 3] - you'll need your Light Amp Goggles to see in here... or
just wander around in here to pick up the few items.
For an extra kick, hit the switch on the panel the Ugnaught was at...
the graspers in the center of the chamber will rise up with a block of Carbonite
in their grip (sorry, no Han Solo).
Up the stairs and through the door... you'll have to use the R5 unit to
access the lift and end the level. Make sure you're on the lift before the droid
triggers it.

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