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Lets see:

All you need is a Social Security card, and then you can trace anything about a person. Anyone can track: How much you make, where you work, where you live, what you buy, where you shop, what tyep of health insurance you have, what type of illnessness you have had, what credit cards you have, what loans you have, what degrees you have, how many children you have, etc... All from a simple number, so they can keep track on where, when, and what you are doing.

Wiretapping will bring us one more step closer to communism, and we all know how that ended up. In the very close future, we will have a new system, which will allow the government to follow everything you do, say, or read. Unlike its predicessors, this new system can be used by an employer, health agency, school, etc at no cost at all. All it will require is a thumb print, and a small implant of a nanite below the skin.

NStar type of systems are also a form of control. When you turn NStar on, someone is tracking your whereabouts. They know where you go, where you are, and how long you are traveling.

You see... We already have all these systems in place, and there is no end in tracking a U.S. Citizen's life. Everyday each individual is caught on camera about a hunred plus times. Even though you may not walk into a bank, store, or antything of that nature, there are cameras everywhere. When you stop at a traffic light, or if you are on the highway, you will find a camera at every inch of your journey. A lot of people are not aware that the state of Massachusettes has several cameras on the highway.

When you are online, your I.P. address can track your screen name to a specific service provider, and in turn, they can pin point who you are. If you are using a creditcard, there are endless possibilities to what they can find out.

Wiretapping is a horrible idea, and I also will vote against it. Even if it does not pass, there are still a millions tracking devices that we use day by day, and each one of them is sold to a buyer.

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