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((OOC: Brax isn't there yet, Steven. Jasra's just warning Tylor about him before he shows up.))

"Brax, a Jedi? Erm...not exactly." Jasra quickly glanced at Karda uncomfortably, then turned back to Tylor. "He's a... erm... well, he's a Force user, but he's not a Jedi."

Karda snorted. "I'll say," he muttered.

"But he's not a Sith, either," Jasra said quickly. "Contrary to certain other people's opinions," she added, glaring at Karda. "He's a friend. Well, my friend." Jasra felt herself blushing, and she turned slightly away from Tylor. "Just let your crew know not to shoot at him and to notify me when he arrives."

"Not that it will matter if you notify her," Karda commented to Tylor. "She'll know the second Brax arrives," Karda said icily. "Won't you?"

Jasra's jaw set at Karda's remark. "Brax's ship's called Ssss, Tylor. Just instruct your crew not to fire upon it."

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