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Patch 1.04 buglist

Hi all, I guess I'll start it off.

) Space Skirmish Mode 2v2: Unit stuck. I hypered in Vader and Boba Fett on the same spot and Boba Fett's Slave 1 was stuck and couldn't move. And if you happen to hyper in on a spot where a turret build pad was destroyed and it respawned at the same time, the unit would get stuck too.

) Space Skirmish Mode 2v2: Ion Cannon effects on Piett's ship doesn't wear off. Everything looks ok and his ship has full shields but he still moves so slowly. Tried stopping and moving but doesn't clear his state.

) Space Skirmish Mode 2v2: AI sometimes doesn't progress/upgrade. It happened twice where the enemy AI would stop upgrading at space station level 3 but it still continues to fight with level 3 ships even though I didn't attack it's mining facilities at all.

) Space SKirmish Mode 2v2: In late-game, the game would suddenly move-freeze-move-freeze for several seconds before normal real time play continues. Happens even when there's only one enemy left on the map.

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