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AOD Recruiting server review

This server uses DC Mod (Like the newbs they are) and is saber only no force.

AOD enforces "laming rules" but are not fanatical about it like some servers and also are very fair in the enforcement. They hold their members to the same stupid RPG rules as everyone else. Fighting is not permitted outside of FFA Private Duels. ZzzZZzzz. After a few saber duels and standing around for awhile I finally got so bored that I left. I rejoined a few days later and decided to join their clan to complete this review. Their rules for members are pretty insane. You have to go through this big process when you finally get let in where the person has a doc they have to follow. You have to use or download xfire, and you must log into ventrillo with a certain tag. If the tag is even one small bit wrong they force you to change it. Furthermore, clan members MUST be on ventrillo anytime they are on the server.

1-5 stars
Skill Level - The fact that they only thing they work on getting good at also happens to be the easiest thing in the whole game makes them newbies. The sad truth is that they aren't even very good at that either. Score - *

Fun - If you like standing around for hours with the occasional slow paced saber duel, you'll love it. Score - *

RPG Level - These guys are total RPG. Their ranks are stuff like "Jedi Council" and what not. I think that the higher ranks boss the lower ranks around. I think the leader pretends to be yoda. You have to bow before duels, and you're not allowed to kill someone if they are knocked down because it violates their RPG jedi honor code
Score - *****

Server Speed - Server seems top rate
Score - *****

Settings - They use one of those mad buggy newb mods. DC mod is a joke. It was made by some complete newbie. The setting changes are hilarious. This server removes fall damage (LoL) and makes the regen 0.
Score - *

Competition Viability - These guys dont want competition. Looking at their forums they've been around for years and had a total of 3 matches.
Score - *
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