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Karda and Jasra both raised eyebrows, then exchanged looks with each other and Crystal. “That doesn’t sound like our ‘Doctor,’” Jasra said. “At least, not how I remember he sounded.”

“Maybe… maybe he ‘changed’ again,” said Karda. “Regeneration, I believe he called it. He did that after Brax….” Karda paused, and his expression became a bit smug. “After Brax fatally stabbed him on the Ebon Hawk. Or didn’t you know that?”

Jasra frowned. “No. I didn’t know that. But he must have had a good reason,” she added in Brax’s defense. "He wouldn't kill without a good reason."

"Denial and self-justfication. See? You're obsessed with him," Karda whispered to her in her ear, then he snorted with disdain, and went to the microphone. “Doctor? This is Jedi Knight Karda Jal-Ordo,” he said into it. “I would say it’s nice to hear your voice again, but….” He sighed. “Anyway, we heard that we might find you on Naboo. We could really use your help in the matter of a missing Jedi. Would you, erm, care to assist us?”

Jasra rolled her eyes. “’Would you care to assist us?’ What kind of lame request is that?! Just tell him that you suspect something is messed up in time and that he needs to fix it!” she hissed, just loud enough for the microphone to pick up her voice in the background.

Karda stared at her. “There is no passion, there is serenity," he quoted to her. "Meaning patience, Padawan. Remember, I’m in charge here, not you.” He cleared his throat and spoke into the mic again. “Doctor? What do you say? Are you able to render assistance in the matter? The Jedi Order would be most appreciative if you could.”

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