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"There may be a few other Jedi joining us," Jasra volunteered to Tylor. "We need all the help we... can...." She slowed as she noticed Karda's stern look. "...get." She gave Karda a hopeful grin. "Right?"

Karda didn't reply to her. Instead, he turned to Tylor. "Tylor, I have every confidence in your marines when it comes to defence," he said. "In fact, I would speculate that they probably have more experience than a lot of us when it comes to routing out salvagers or pirates. But what could use is some extra pairs of eyes when it comes to looking for clues, and a few more brains in deciphering anything we find. The Doctor has some...unique expertise in deciphering hidden clues, and we could use his help. Brax, on the other hand," he said, looking at Jasra, "is only been called here to help Padawan Lantill with... a minor 'medical' problem. And once that is solved, he'll be on his way."

"He will not," Jasra muttered.

"He's only coming because of you," Karda said to her. "Once we've fixed your 'problem', then I'm sure he'll be on his way. He'll have no desire to help find a missing Jedi."

"He will stay if I stay," Jasra said. She reached out telepathically to Karda. "Our bond is deeper than you think."

"There may be a few other Jedi that may help us on this mission," Karda said to Tylor. "But rest assured, they will not interfere with your marines. I have every confidence in you, and your troops, to secure the Almanac." He looked out the window. It looked like they were getting close. "Are we close enough to dock with it now?"

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