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Hearing the Doctor's response, Karda nodded. "I'm sending them to you now, Doctor," he said into the mic. Karda turned to their pilot. "Tylor? Please send the Doctor our exact co-ordinates. And I mean exact. The Doctor travels by rather...unconventional means. Any errors could be... well..."

"Bad," Jasra finished for him. Karda cleared his throat, clearly a sign that Jasra had again overstepped her boundaries. She bit her lip, then sidled over next to Crystal, putting her in between Karda and herself.

"And send a rough layout of the ship to the Doctor, too," Karda said to Tylor. "I know it's a strange request, but, believe me, it will be for the best." Karda didn't want the Doctor's TARDIS materialising in a bulkhead or someone's private quarters if he could help it.

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