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Originally Posted by ET Warrior
You know, this thread isn't about prisoners fighting back, or even about the methods that the US goes through in picking up the prisoners. It's about the fact that these prisoners are held without formal charges, without notification to anyone, and without a trial.

I do enjoy your efforts at not addressing the points that were brought up, though.
Oh so instead of looking at the issue holisticaly we need to narrow it down to one thing? Seems to me that you're trying to limit the scope of the debate which reflects rather poorly.

Furthermore it's been explained time and again that THESE PRISONERS DO NOT HAVE POW STATUS.

They have no rights, the very fact that they exist, that we know about them and that they're not in a mass grave is a testament to America's mercy.

I wonder how Chechen prisoners are treated?

I know you tire of examples from across the world but when analyzing controversial issues in American politics I like to read whats going on else where, what other large nations do, to compare.

Originally Posted by ET Warrior
I know it's minor, but it's driving me crazy. Torturing. Torture.
Torcher is a noun for someone who sets things on fire with a torch.
Thank you for the correction, I constantly misspell that word and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened again.
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