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Battle for the Island v2

battle for the island v2

this land map is for 4 imps vs 4 rebs, and is 25 patches large. the landscape is tamperate. ill update this when i find more bugs and when a new editor comes out. the indigenous units are black and white birds, the shaak, a desert sketto, rancor, fish, civilians, twilek female, mon calamari, and wookie. and there is 1 citys.

the file is 214kb

the Battle for the Island.ted file should be put in the C:\Programme\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War\GameData\Data\CustomMaps folder

new in version 2
made map smaller, because prevesly, units couldnt get close to lower and right borders, and becouse it didnt run well on my computer. because i shrunk the map, i had to redesign the rebel base, and reposition mining stations and reinforsment points. and previsly the sky dome was too small to fit the map, now its in.

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