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Originally Posted by cutmeister
I think I need to go back and read this story from the beginning. I seem to have lost track of what is going on. The governments of Corellia and Coruscant have been warned of the weapons as well as the Iridian plague. Now Ryloth (Twi'lek home planet?) is getting into the mix too. Although it appears that all three planets must keep their investigations on the down-low and only include trusted individuals because it would take corruption at some of the highest levels of government for these weapons to get into the hands of pirates. That summarizes what I've got thus far.
Actually it's three version of the same problem. On Corellia you have a head of Civilian intelligence who is corrupt or incompetent (It happens a lot in real life) and an ONI where the head is anticipating problems. On Coruscant you will notice everything flowed in one chunk. ONI and Local counter-intelligence working together.

On Ryloth, it is another situation. It isn't that they don't trust everyone. It's a matter that the goverments aren't talking. So the investigations start at a lower level, and the upper echelons get draged into it.

Note all of the governments have ships (Lerger than snub fighter) in use by the pirates.

Originally Posted by cutmeister
Welcome to the Internet the way it's supposed to be. You know what they say, right? "Once you go broadband, you never go back."
Great. Except for the modem deciding it doesn't exist, e-mail that refuses to let you in, a web browser that will not load, and changing all mail over, I'm doing great.

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