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((Steven, I've PM'd you about your question. Have fun with it!))

"Right," Karda said to Tylor. "Just let us know when you've secured the Almanac enough for us to board it." He nodded to Tylor, as the pilot left the bridge to assemble his team of Marines.

Karda turned to Jasra. "In the meantime, perhaps you should man the sensors, Jasra. Keep a lookout for any approaching ships. Or the Doctor's TARDIS," he added.

Jasra raised an eyebrow, surprised that Karda was allowing her to keep an eye out for Brax until it was time for them to board the Almanac. "Will do," she said, moving to the sensor station. "And, thanks," she added softly.

Karda merely nodded. "Crystal? I'd appreciate it if you would stay close to us when we investigate the Almanac. I know you can take care of yourself, but the Council did appoint you as an 'advisor', not a front-line officer. That means, no 'heroics' and going out on your own, if you please."

Jasra stifled a laugh, knowing full well that if Crystal wanted to do something on her own, no amount of words from Karda was going to stop her.

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