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The Doctor leaned against the navigation console as the TARDIS shook slightly.
"Doctor, I've got a... light."
"What?" he asked, confused.
"A blinking red light. Right in front of me."
Moving towards the console she stood at, he glanced at the controls quickly.
"The temporal shielding is down. Not much of a problem, considering we're not leaving this time frame. I'll have to fix it before we leave - don't want to jump back to find that we don't exist, now do we?"
Pulling a lever on the next console, the TARDIS began to shake more, abruptly coming to a halt as the engines died down.
Mmoving to the door, he held it open for her, then stepped through it himself. Smiling at the dumbstruck look on the faces of the solderis, he rubbed his hands together excitedly and beamed at them. "Hello there," he said happily, addressing the whole of the bridge.
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