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“Right,” said Karda. “What we need your help on is finding a missing Jedi. Bastila Shan. She was travelling aboard that ship,” he pointed to the Almanac through the bridge’s window. “The Almanac, along with some prospective padawans. And they’ve just disappeared without a…”

“Wait just a minute,” Jasra interrupted. “That’s not the reason why I wanted the Doctor to come here.”

Karda gave Jasra a look of surprise. “That’s our mission, Jasra. To find out what happened to Bastila and the inititates. The Doctor has additional resources that may help us find them.”

“So? That’s your mission,” she said. “Not his. What about our little ‘time’ problem. Things aren’t exactly like they were before….” She paused, and looked at the Doctor. “You sent us back...wrong. Things happened that didn’t happen before. History has changed.” She looked down at her Jedi clothing. “A lot.” Her eyes narrowed as she surveyed Rose. "And what happened to your companions Nyssa and Tegan?" Jasra asked. "Did you change their history, too, and replace them with...Blondie?"

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