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Ssss came out of hyperspace smoothly, still cloacked her surveyed the area, two ships. One looking rather dead, the other attached and likely boarding it. He frowned though something wasn't right, and then he saw what. A third ship, it was hiding and only his angle revealed it, attached tot he hull of the dead ship.

Jasra, there's another ship on the one you guys are boarding, stuck up on the underside of the hull, and using minor cloacking tech to apear to just be part of the hull. He smiled, feeling her so close. And you feel really good, can you get me clearance to dock? or board if they don't have fighter bays ... something I want to see you.

He came in closer, weapons readying if they needed him to take care of the other ship.

(And just so everybody is clear, nobody but Jasra knows brax has arrived, the ship DOES NOT sense him.)

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