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on recent downtime

The outages last night I had originally attributed to problems at one of the few other network sites that share a server with the forums. Before that I had assumed it was a problem with our hosting provider, and after tonight I am reaffirming that assumption.

After not being able to reach the server, I investigated the problem and decided it was entirely a networking problem and contacted our host. Within an hour, the server was back up, although I could not log in. By a stroke of luck, I had created a backup account not too long ago and miraculously remembered the password and went to work checking the server for any sort of explanation as to why it was down.

This is what I discovered:
-- our host decided to do an unannounced (at least to me) side-grade of our operating system. I say side-grade because they upgraded us to a version that changed nothing. As far as I can tell, it's just a version branded for their company.
-- in the course of said upgrade, the super-user account became unreachable. feels like they changed the password
-- the tech doing the upgrade failed to copy three entries from a configuration file critical to the operation of our secondary http server ( which is responsible for lucasforums' scripts, images, and other static content.

Everything should hopefully be back to normal. Please contact me if it is not...I'll be watching this thread although you folks can email me if they wish. Email addy is in the signature.

Originally Posted by RedHawke
Actually you aren't alone last night I had all sort of database errors, which was ok with me as I had other SW D6 RPG stuff I could work on anyway.

But today it seems the graphics aren't loading, the alternate text for them is loading in their places, the only one that is loading is the "Reply to this thread" graphic. None of the smily's are showing at all... wierd.

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