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Version 0.2a4

I found and fixed a few more things that weren't working as intended and have uploaded a new version (0.2a4) with those fixes.

I had forgotten to make it open a file specified as commandline parameter when the application is launched. This should now work, allowing it to be associated with the relevant file types in Windows Explorer if so desired.

Also, due to the hackish way it does things when you drag and drop files from the resource list to the Desktop or a Windows Explorer window it might give the impression that the application hanged when dragging a large amount of (or very large) files. It now shows a progress bar and hourglass cursor while it's extracting. Don't let go of the mouse button while this happens, keep it pressed until it's done and the standard Drag cursor appears, then drag to your desired destination. (Though it's probably better to use the Extract button than drag n dropping when dealing with that amount of files.) I'll try to come up with a less touchy solution for this in a future version.


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