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It wouldn't look that bad, I've seen what they look like on big widescreen HD plasma display and 19 in LCD display (non widescreen). No worse than brand new VHS tape anyway.

If you have your face pasted up close to the display and are comparing it to the 2004 editions, yes it'll look far from perfect. But just to watch? Not bad at all.

Still, as long as it stops the O-OT whiners, its a plus
Aw hells no. Lucas secretly enjoys the whining, so he'll never give it 100%, always leaving room for some whining.

- No anamorphic/no restoration (not even a competent one)
- Only DD 2.0 stereo (no mono mix, no 6 channel pcm)
- No extras (deleted scenes for example)
- Limited time release (and never again? or just to release them again in a few years for another dip)
- Bad covers (why not theatrical covers? though fans can print their own)
- Have to buy 2004 editions with it (in three seperate packs)

Ya gotta keep poking and prodding Lucas... he says he wants to be done with Star Wars... does he honestly think one more half a$$ed release will "end all interest" in it?
It's a fan loyalty test, that's it! Dangle another carrot...

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