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There was the sound of the Dreadless docking with the Almanac.
In airlock, a group of marines, along with Tylor, were waiting for the green light and the airlock door to open. When the green light appeared the airlock doors slided up.

The marines pointed their guns out in front of them and left the Dreadless and entered the Almanac, two at a time. After all marines in the group had entered, Tylor spoke into his comlink "Group A has successfully entered the Almanac. First room clear, no lights and no tests have been take but i think Life support systems are on."

"How can you be so sure? We're all wearing state of the art republic combat suits that keep us alive when there no life support systems on.." Stated one of the marines.

"Simple. There's a wamp rat in the vent" replied Tylor pointed to vent, there was a chunk of it missing. Though the missing peace a hairy and filth rat could be seen. Tylor walked over to it and smashed the vent -along with the rat- with the end of his gun. He shone his gun's flashlight down the vent and spoked into the com "We're going to need someone small to fit through the air vent. If my memory serves me correct this one leads to a room on the same level as the bridge."

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